Don (bishop316) wrote,

this is phucked up.

you know that 30 year old lady that killed her 5 and 8 year old daughters? Stabbed them to death and the dog and its puppies AND the pet mouse? its very sad and very messed up. Well i was reading an article in the paper about it today and the paper was talking to her sister about the incident. Her sister explained that her family knew she was in poor mental health and she went over there to visit the night before to check up on her. Well the mom seemed really out of sorts and told her sister "Don't leave me alone." so the sister left that night anyway. The next morning was when the deed was commited. The sister was quoted saying "I could have died"

ok you phuckin "think for yourselfer!!!!" What the phuck man!!! Or you could HAVE JUST STAYED THERE AND PREVENTED THE WHOLE THING!!! She could have helped her sister through this whole episode or at least takin the kids for the night or something! And thinking deeper on this I think it means something BIGGER that she didn't even bother to stay and help her. It's one thing when a person is a known bullshiter and draws attention to themselves but if Pam or Katie EVER told me "to not leave" then I'm not going anywhere. I think this lack of assistence on the sisters part could represent there relationship as a whole, dating back to when they were growing up. If she wasn't there for her sister now then she probably wasn't there for her when they were growing up and therefore created alot of psycological damage to her which down the line ended up in the murder of 2 innocent children.

My point is that I don't think people realize the impact there words and actions have on one another. Especially with family. Alot of people have emotional or psycological scars that were put there in there childhood by there family or what have you. This is no excuse for what happened, you gotta just deal with it and try to rise above that kind of thing. But I wish people could at least be kinder or gentler to there familys. My family is leaving to move to florida in about a year and I'm staying here and it bothers me more than a little that the 4 people I love the most are gonna be so far away. So everyone go give there family a hug and be glad that your not trying to stab each other with knives.
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