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For those that were at Mike's fire last saturday night....

I got called "close-minded" due to my getting upset because some people refuse to see certain movies. One really good example is "Transformers." That was a completely great movie from top to bottom and I think its nuts that some people refuse to see it. So I was labeled "close-minded."

Well after some thought I realized that I will immerse myself in any new thing, in any form of media. When it comes to movies, music, video games, or anything of the like, I'm a "try anything once" kind of person. I've seen many a chick flick and enjoyed most of them which is something a lot of fellas can't say. "The Notebook" and "Moulin Rouge" were great movies and made me cry. A few weeks ago I watched a Russian movie called "Nightwatch" that was all in subtitles and it had a great meaning! The movie "Children of Men" was one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen and changed the way I look at children. When it comes to movies and music I try to take what the creator of the respective art is trying to get across, along with how well they pull it off. I will listen to any song and after listening to it, offer my honest objective opinion. The same with movies. SO what I'm getting at here is who is the actual close-minded one? The person that will give any movie (or any form of entertainment media for that matter) a chance and try to view it for what it is, or the person that refuses to see a movie due to some ridiculous pre-conceived notion and denies the opportunity to expand there mind? :-)
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